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Why should we consider regular massage?

The body is a wonderful tool with many structures helping us function in our daily lives. Sometimes however this can give up on us. With regular sports massage, I believe that you are in a better place both mentally and physically to function every day without your body failing you.

Blood flow

This is key to this function of our tissues and massage really helps bring fresh oxygenation blood to the tissues that are affected which cause you pain and aches.

Removal of waste products

The lymphatic system within the body helps take away all of the waste products which accumulates in the tissues over time aiding the need for fresh good fluid.

Breaks down adhesions (knots)

When tissues become injured they form a network of messy and overlapping collagen fibre. This can be uncomfortable & painful. Massage therapy helps break these knots down and help lay fresh collagen fibres as they should be laid therefore reducing pain levels.

Lengthening tissues

For all of you who have had treatment with me you know that I take some time throughout the treatment stretching your tissues. It is so important to keep your tissues long so your ranges of movement through a joint are on point.

Relaxing Tissues

Sometimes people come to me who are in terrible pain. The bodies natural response to an injury is inflammation. Whilst this is a protective mechanism, inflammation can cause pain. Massage can help relax the tissues so the messages being sent to and from the brain via the neurological system can tell the tissues that everything is ok and not to tense up, therefore reducing pain levels.

The therapeutic touch and mental wellbeing.

For me this is so powerful and something people don’t think about too much when considering massage. I know that sports massage can tend to be quite painful, but there are times certainly within the neck area where treatment becomes much calmer and relaxing. We as humans like touch and this can have some many benefits, not just physically but mentally. Sometimes getting out the house and having an hour for yourself is just what your body needs but we fight it. We think sports massage is a luxury and in some ways it is, but if it is keeping you mentally and physically in a good space then there is not a price you can put on that.

Injury prevention

With the culmination of all the points above the body is in a better state of homeostasis. When there is homeostasis in the body the likelihood of injury and illness are greatly reduced.

If you feel that having read the blog above you are due a massage please do contact me to book in. I would love to see you and help you become pain free.

Warmest regards


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